So Glad It's Over

from #5 by Jean Grae



I'm gonna make you love this song if it kills me. This was originally on the "jeannie" album, which I think went super overlooked. It's one of my favorites and I plan on shooting this video super soon. You're gonna love this jam and have it on repeat, if I have to put it on every damn album. Also, kinda fits the whole vibe. Yeah, though. To hell with that. Also, it makes me happy to perform every damn time.
OH! Also, the lo-fi sounding thing is no mistake. That's how I view the relationship. I wanted it to sound thin. Man, I have said A LOT. *slowly backs out of text box*


Ooh, lord.
You're such a fucking baby.
How the fuck do I forget that shit?
Every time it's my fault, like maybe I should set an alarm.
I mean, damn.
Even so much more lately.
And every time, I'm shocked and appalled, like maybe, Jean, you should recall...
how this nigga lane be...
and every time you try to make things right,
he burn it down
to the ground .
Don't turn around, you're such a fucking victim, ain'tcha.
That kinda thing is just your nature.
Well, I kinda hate'cha. (goddamn)

I'm so glad it's over.
So glad that it's over.
Nigga, I'm so fucking glad it's over.
So glad that it's over.

I loved you baby, but that don't make me wrong.
How many damn apologies can one man want?
You run, then walk, right back to guilty threads. I won't.
You must be fucking crazy,
to think I wanna stay in a loss.
I tried to let you get your player shit off,
but let's be real...
you never really understood how it feels.
Mmm.... can I get I witness?
I bet I could. So many bitches.

You know what's interesting?

And if everybody had a bit you in em then they would be assholes.
Bitter women, definitive feminists, giving this nigga the pass though.
Remember that Jean is the enemy, really?
You fill in the memory with an epiphany that was a phony epiphany?
What are you kidding?
We've been in the moment again and again, I'm living them all.
Made the decision to kick in the bucket and click the phone call... off.
Boss, stick to being a victim... most of the time.
Post up your lines, blah blah blah.
Instagram, fine.
Bitch, you ain't mine.
Quit your damn cying.
Bitch, you a damn lie.
Bitch, you a damn lie.


from #5, released November 2, 2014


all rights reserved



Jean Grae New York, New York

Superhero. I make all the everything. Love you. Make stuff. Be great.

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